Start of the week in Bali

I started my week by hitting Moka Cafe at around 7.30 and then getting to Global Extreme for a couple of hours to knock out some e-mail. They’ve been having trouble with their system recently and were not operating when I arrived. After about 10 minutes we were in business and service was good.

I downed 2 of their large Bali coffees to make sure I was pumped for action. I wore my rain gear today and it was a good call as the weather is wet. On the bypass it started raining and by the time I visited IndoGraph in Kuta it was lashing. We’re getting a large quantity of business cards printed and they’ll be ready today at 4pm.

I took an alley to Captain Haddocks where Armadi works to check in with her. She works this evening so I’ll catch up with her and our t-shirts that are on order.




Am now in Internet Outpost and the rain has stopped. On the way here I noticed a place called Brasil has been totally demolished (Sean and I ate a pizza there once and the place has been around for a long time considering all the photos on the wall) . Seemed quite popular, you wonder what’s going on.

Glad to hear Sima is enjoiyng her diving and will be interesting to see how she finds it out in deeper water.