Sima, Ika and margaritas in Bali

This afternoon I had arranged a meeting with Ika to discuss her schedule and to show her what we would be doing. I worked at Internet Outpost for a couple of hours and Ika was in the middle of booking Bali tours for some of the other customers, that’sa side business they have going on here. Internet Outpost is the best travelers internet cafe by far with a great location right here on Poppies II, friendly staff who understand English and tourists, a telecom section for phone calls and the tours booking facility.

The booking was going to take a while so I walked down to Kori restaurant and ordered a margarita. I was surprised by Sima about 20 minutes alter and we were joined by Ika a while later. We discussed the things we want to do and how Ika can help me. Sean isn’t here any more and its exciting to how well I can get into the promotions and meet as many travelers as possible. I think we’ll get a ton of people visiting us in the next couple of years.

I met up with Sima a couple of hours later at Taman Sari restaurant on Poppies II for dinner , our friend Putu was working and seemed in her usual good spirits.