Sima and Steve back in Kuta

A lovely day here in Bali with blue skies and no sign of rain. For lunch I went to Ryoshi on Jl. Legian for some green tea and teriyaki chicken. They have a Japanese waterwheel at the front of the shop which makes a clacking sound to attract customers. My friend Putu was working and we discussed the Indonesian language for a while. Business is kinda slow so the staff have time to chat. Putu told me a few months ago an American customer wanted ice cream and was asking about the flavours. Putu thought ‘flavour’ meant cream caramel and said “sorry Sir we don’t have flavour”, to which he replied “Mmmm”, knodding in a thoughtful manner. We laughed at this.

This afternoon I ran into Sima and Steve at Internet Outpost. They had just returned from a trip up north to Lovina and were back in Kuta for a couple of days. Around 6.30pm we decided to go for a drink and I suggested Warung 96 which is a minute walk away.

As we walked up to Warung 96 I spotted a fellow who Sean and I had seen quite a few times. Sporting a bleached blonde spikey hairdo, very tanned and striped with more tattoos than almost anyone I’ve ever seen, this guy was doing everything he could for attention. Sima said she’d seen this guy all over Asia and on this occasion he was swaggering around in the middle of the road with a large Bintang shouting at some locals that he didn’t give a **** about something or other.

At the entrance of 96 they had just laid an area of cement and were inviting people to write in it, I naturally wrote but stopped short of ‘Philip Blazdell is God.’

Warung 96 was humming and we ordered a few San Mig’s and food (Sima and Steve fish, me a pizza).




Sima and Steve were former college roomates and have a sort of brother / sister relationship where any attraction is out of order and the mere mention that the other is attractive seems slightly incestuous. It’s pretty funny to hear them telling about what kind of partners the other likes. Steve says he likes brunettes but admits a certain weakness for the Scandinavian variety, while Sima (Miss International) claims to be quite partial to a bit of everything and says since being in Bali she has developed an admiration for the Balinese.

Sima was very entertaining and managed to douse her favourite white t-shirt with ketchup (the lid didn’t fit) and was cursing herself.

We then headed for Captain Haddocks 7 or 8 minutes away. Our friend Armadi has not been working for a while but I saw one familiar face. Captain Haddocks is a little 2 storey job wedged in a corner of a small street and is another one of these places that’s always busy in the evenings. We went upstairs and sat at a Japanese size table on mats. Steve said this was what he pictured Bali as being like.

We ordered some arak drinks (I had an arak, sugar, lime thing) and some papaya juice.

Sima is a well of information and our conversations moved along at a fast pace, covering movies, tv shows and travelling in Bali.

[ Photos will follow ]