Sexy eyes in Bali

Going to bed on Friday night my right eye felt like it had a serious piece of grit in it and I tried for a while to wash it out. The motorcycle ride from Sanur yesterday included the usual dose of fumes and dust. This morning my eye was totally red and looked like it was going to pop out of my head. It felt like there was maybe a piece of glass in there and I was thinking my eye had been sliced up. I wasted no time and took a taxi to the BIMC ( Bali International Medical Center ) in Kuta. Kind of scary, I looked like some monster on halloween.

After filling in some paperwork and donning my anti-SARS mask I went into the office with a female doctor and a male nurse, both Indonesian. The BIMC has doctors from all over the world and visiting doctors from the UCLA medical center in Los Angeles.

I laid flat on a bed and they searched for the foreign body in my eye. Dr Sari did a test for corneal laserations but found none They swabbed and gave me irrigasi ( irrigation treatment ) to clean out my eye. I felt like Tom Cruise in ‘Minority Report’. Consulting a text book Dr Sari told me I had a swelling of the conjuntiva and gave me medication which I am using.

On the wall of the clinic is a plaque from the Australian government thanking the BIMC for its efforts during the bombing in 2002. They seem quite professional to me and I felt comfortable that this was a good opinion to get.

I rode home in a taxi and applied some drops and took a steroid to help stop the swelling.




Jason Lopez sms’d me a told me I’m the 4th person he knows who has got a dose of conjuntivitis. It’s super contagious and Jason had it last year. He told me you can pick it up from a handshake….which leads me back to Sanur where I shook every hand in a school party

Jason told me this condition really sucks and that I should use urine to wash my eyes out. His cleared up in no time after slow progress with the medication. Still haven’t figured out whether I’m going to do it by sitting on the toilet seat and cocking my head back or do a handstand and look up.

I have a business card I carry with me from BIMC for situations like this. It has the contact info and a map on the back. I can hand this to a taxi driver and say ‘take me there’.

The address is:

PT Merdika Sarana Traliansia
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 100X
Kuta 80361