Second Day in Bali

On my second day in Bali I checked out the location of internet cafes in the area I was living. I later walked along the beach road to another along a side street. Most of these places are small maybe with 4-6 terminals. One place I’ve been to has a vacant landing upstairs which would be easy for us to connect into with our laptops.

On the street people are freindly and I get a never ending stream of requests for my attention to look at something on offer.

I stopped in a beach side place to get a drink and ask where I could find a listing of houses to rent. One of the employees, Made Taman told me he could help me check some places out on his scooter tommorrow. Seemed like a pretty good guy and said he didn’t want money but would like a part time job doing something for us in the future. Sounds good to me. I told him I wanted to rent a house and he starts asking how many thousand square meters of property! We ain’t rich.




Most of the day was overcast, this is the rainy season anyway. Torrential rain followed this evening with driveways getting flooded quickly. I hope to meet up with Made. check out some places to rent then find a cheaper room too.

I tested my new plug this evening in the room. I attached it to my surge protector, then to the laptop. Carefully turning on each button I was surprised with a loud bang….good job I put the surge protector on. All the lights / fan went out. After getting one of the desk boys to check things out we located the breaker and it has flipped. Once turned on things got back to normal. I didn’t chance the computer again though.