Sean's arrival

Here's a picture from yesterday of Sean and I at a bar enjoying his first couple of hours in Bali.

After a night’s sleep Sean and I are ready to get into it. We’ve just returned from Taman Sari restaurant ( he has toast, eggs, I just had coffee ). We went over how we’re going to look for a place to live and what we want to do about getting internet access.

Call us tech nerds but at the breakfast table we were playing with our Palm Pilots and used a ‘beam’ function that allows us to send info from one to the other. It's the Palm Pilot mating ritual so you could say Sean and I have ‘mated’.




Made came around this morning with his daughter Putu and is coming back here shortly to show us a house. Noman who works at the guest house is showing us place right after that.

I have a lunch appointment with a friend called Putu who will be helping me with my Indonesian which will be awesome. I will try to add some English vocabulary to her already decent understanding.

Later today we’re going to Bali Land & Housing and an ISP to see what they’ve got to offer.

We’ll meet Jason at 4.30 pm for happy hour.