I was up at 7am today getting ready to meet Made. I told one of the deskstaff to watch out for him if he came in. Seems there was a miscommunication and i ended up missing him. He left a note that I got later. I hope to meet up with him tommorrow anyway.

I changed that room with the view for a bungalow cottage. The price is better ($3.40 ) and it is closer to the high density traveller scene / internet cafes etc. I tell you getting my stuff over here ( carrying it down 3 flights of stairs, dealing with a taxi, hauling it into the new place made etc ) was my workout for the day, My shirt was wet when I finished.

Stopped at a warung ( local food place ) for some seafood fried rice ( $1.10 ). It was very good and now I’m energised to patrol the area for more internet cafes. The one I’m in right now charges 300rp (3 cents ) per minute and has 3 terminals.

Talking to locals here they are definitely aware of the effects of the bombing. Tourism is down quite a bit although I do see people from many countries with their families. Seems like there are a ton of taxi drivers etc all chasing the tourists.




My friend Jason gets back here on the 6th which will be super helpful for finding a place to live. He has wheels, speaks the lingo and is honest.

Will try to get through more of my e-mail backlog today and talk to people.