Saturday in Bali, Indonesia

Today was slightly overcast and I caught up on the latest developments in Iraq at Global Extreme in Kerobokan. The staff there, Katut, Iloo and Nor know me by now and say hi. I had just come from Cafe Moka where its much the same…’hi Nick, coffee lover’s breakfast with latte and bread?’ ‘Sure’.

I spent a couple of hours dealing with e-mail, went home for a little bit. On the way I stopped at one of the roadside petrol places. You can spot these places by the large barrells and some have a rack of glass bottles with 2 sizes, large and small. The routine is that you pull up, undo your seat and tell the attendant how much you want. In this case I said ‘fill up’. Which cost me 4,500rp ( I had maybe a third of a tank left ). Ika told me recently that its better to go to the gas station as the people who operate these road side places are not honest and mix in kerosine. For the convienience sake its not too bad and the bike does run okay, but if I’m passing a gas station I’ll use it in future.

I then rode down Jalan Legian top the Bintang supermarket. I want one of those pollution masks but they are out. I strolled over the road to Spaghetti Jazz a bar / restaurant for a bowl of minestroni soup. I like the area the place is in but its always hotter than hell in there and after my soup I was sweating. The staff are very pleasant and were looking for something to do when I arrived.




I like the decorations and if you’re into Italian food you’ll do okay.

Just bumped into Susy and Bill here at I/O and we’ll go to Jimbaron ( where their place is ) tonight.