Saturday August 14th in Seminyak Bali

After a Cafe Moka breakfast I finished off another map I was working on so people will hopefully be able to follow my articles a little better.

I visited the family on Jl. Drupadi on Seminyak where I get my laundry done. They all had a good Galungan and were working hard to catch up on their backlog of laundry. My 2 bags of clean, folded laundry cost 22,000rp.

Right after that I rode over to Bintang supermarket on Jl. Seminyak. My friend Jasmine is having a bbq tommorrow and I am providing the bbq and the meat. Steak was going for around 5,000rp per ounce depending on what cuts you wanted. I picked up steak, chicken and tuna as well as a couple of packets of ‘sauces’. Palu’s wife Wiwin nags me at every opportunity that my meat hasn’t got this or that and should be cooked like this or that, so tommorrow the meat will be already marinated in white vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, red wine and the secret ‘steak sauce’. If that’s not good enough I’ll douse it with bbq sauce while cooking and if that’s not tastey enough I’ll hang myself from the nearest tree.

Also picked up another large tupperware container (17.000rp) for the tuna steaks which themselves have a special preparation. Its going to be awesome!

A late afternoon workout at Ade Rai’s gym left me wobbling down the stairwell like a paraplegic (it was a leg workout). I usually finish off by taking a stroll on the beach to let the lactic acid work its way out of me. While there I noticed the full length of the beach was full of tourists all enjoying their time in Bali. A group of ladies from Taiwan had about a dozen Balinese ladies around them doing massages, hairbraiding and other activities. I tracked down ‘Made the mango queen’ for the most luscious mango you can imagine (5,000rp).




There’s a parachuting festival here in Bali right now. The other day one guy managed to kill himself and today the excitement continued with a Hercules dropping scores of jumpers on Kuta Beach. They put on quite a show and several came racing straight down the beach on their final approach to land amid excited tourists. I saw young kids clapping and the jumpers were definitely showing off their tricks by swinging in wide circles.

The swell is getting strong right now and as the crowd was watching the jumpers I stole a few glances at the surfers. Low tide was around 5pm but there was action for those who wanted it. Big swell expected in the next couple of days.

Here at Internet Outpost it fairly empty, with people getting ready to go out and enjoy their Saturday night. One of the staff has just nuked the whole place with Baygon (the toxic bug spray) including the bottoms of my legs through the computers. I think I’ll get some nasi padang then take a shower so my skin won’t fall off.

The English Premiership starts again today and for all you soccer lovers the best place to catch the games is Stadium Cafe on Jl. Kartika Plaza where they have 2 massive screen projectors. Many of the bars also show games on small screens. I might just take a wander down there to see the Yiddos’s get beaten by the Scousers.