Red eye day #2 in Kuta Bali

Sunday morning my right eye seemed to be less swollen and I could feel a similar condition in my left eye so I took off on the motorbike down to Kuta. Stopping off at a breakfast place on Jl. Benesari I ate and then asked the waitress to wash her hands with soap and water after touching my plate, don’t want to pass this on to anybody else.

At Internet Outpost I quarantined myself at the back of the place on one of the machines that is usually not used. This area tends to be a mosquito hangout and after a while I had got 3 bites on my ankles. Across the street I picked up a packet of coils and burned one under my machine. Anyway I was super glad to be able to continue work after the bulging eye scenario of yesterday.

1pm I got a call from BIMC clinic to check on my condition. I told them working on my website takes precedence over everything including health so I would not be coming in today. I appreciate them calling though.

Walking along the beach at 2pm I watched newbie surfers try their best to ride the beach breaks and hot Japanese ladies strolling out with their boards. The skies began to cloud over and showers followed an hour later.




Here at I/O Ika has just changed shifts with Endah, Gypsy Kings belting out.

Ika just told me she has the flu so we agreed to keep away from each other.