Printers in Kuta

I was just getting into some -mail this morning when the printers called me on my cell phone to come and have a ‘butcher’s’ at the stickers they had just made for us. We are printing several thousand stickers to promote Baliblog locally and their process means I have to come over straight away for the proof. The stickers looked good and we’ll get them next Wednesday / Thursday.

Price’s over here are quite competitive and we will be printing business cards too as I seem to hand them out all over the place.

I walked to the printers which is located on a side street past the big McDonald’s in Jalan Legian. I left my bike at Internet Outpost as I didn’t want to deal with the one way system and to get some exercise. On the way there and back I got the usual offers for business….’hello friend, taxi, body massage, trrrrransport.’ One the way back it was the same story, doesn’t really bother me and they can tell by my body language I’ve been here a while. Nearing the Sari Club a ‘massage lady’ approached and said ‘hello Sir, body massage?’ and to mess with her head I said, ‘I massage you?’ Without batting an eye she said, ‘No problem. 50,000rp we talk.’ I kept moving.

Back at Internet Outpost I ran into Sima and Steve who were heading out the door. They were catching the Perama bus to Ubud, their sunburn having faded a little since last night.




Hendra, the manager of I/O, invited me to a cocktail party tomorrow night for the launch of a new airline. I’m going and will do my best to get a business card in everyone’s hand.

Hope the cocktails are good too.