Poppies II, Kuta, Bali

Sitting in Internet Outpost today I saw a couple of young, female tourists who were busily tapping away at e-mail. I went over and asked them if they would fill out one of my interview forms after they had finished and they agreed. They were both from Dublin and had travelled in SE Asia, heading for Australia in the next few days. As soon as I got back to work my next task was to reply to a new BootsnAll member from Dublin who was on tour in SE ASia and heading for Australia in 2 days time (no, they didn’t know her).

For lunch today today I darted around the corner from Internet Outpost to a Padang food place. If you’ve been to Bali before you’ll remember these places having many plates of food in the window and you get a portion of steamed rice and choose from the items on display. I had a piece of chicken, tuna, green beans, tofu and potato. Not bad but I still prefer Thai food. These places are often open 24 hours a day which is very handy.

On the way back it started lashing. The rain was warm but I had to get under cover as it was quite intense. I stood under a motorcycle parking area and watched as people scampered for cover. Around this area the streets can become streams in no time. I liked this version of a drainpipe.




The rain has stopped now and some of the terminals here are clearing out too.

I just found out that a couple of acquaintances of ours from Eugene are coming out on the 23rd and also that an old friend of mine from Santa Barbara is in Ubud right now. Will be nice to catch up.