Partying with Ebong

Sunday afternoon here and we are taking it a bit slow after a night of partying with Ebong. We saw him on the street at Poppies II yesterday and aranged to meet up later.

Sean and I visited Cptain Haddock restaurant along Poppies I to see the manager ( female, about 5 feet tall ) perform a traditional Balinese dance. She is looking into getting us a deal on t-shirts and is an aggressive little networker. When she heard we had a date with Ebong she hussled into her outfit, cranked on the ‘glong glong’ and went for it in front of the tables. We’re were impressed at her gracefulness especially as she would greet people coming in and waiters would cruise by seemingly not noticing.

Ebong picked us up in his truck right outside theSari Club and suggested we cruise to Sanur, an area we hadn’t been to before. Ebong had a friend who owned a bar and that’s where we went. We had a good old time getting to know him and drank Bintangs and Arak Madu’s (spelling?). I lost to locals on the pool table….very sloppy indeed, but they were very good sports.

Ebong then drove us back towards Kuta and on to Seminyak and we ended up at Woodstock, a tiny bar on the edge of the paddies run by a couple of Dutch people. We played backgammon with a girl from Amsterdam who was recovering from a motorcycle accident. She had some cuts and bruises but seemd in good spirits. Sean teased her about going home to icy Holland.




The next place we hit was Santa Fe, the first place Sean and I went on his birthday. Man was this place hopping! Motorcycles parked all the way along the street, people hanging out on the street and the bar was over flowing. Plenty of Euros and sexy looking locals hanging out in this area.

Sean and I shared a quesadilla and then we all moved on to a bar called Liquid. This place was trendy with dance music and blue lighting, we were totally in the traveler / expat scene here. Coincidentally our place is located at Jalan Drupadi which is 5 minutes away. Hope to get to know many of the expats living here. We ran into Mick & Jasmine, who I met at Made’s Warung in Seminyak a couple of weeks ago. Mick works as an engineer for Cathay Pacific at Ngurah Rai airport and told us more about his job.

Our last place was a huge open air nightclub called 66 I think. The location was awesome, huge bamboo roof, dancefloor, huge swimming pool and places to sit. We’re newbees on the scene here and didn’t know what to expect. We did notice that the local men seemed more interested in us than the women there and as it was getting close to 4am decided to leave.