Our help day in Seminyak Bali

Tuesday is the day of the week when our hired help, Made the gardner and Katut the cleaner come.

I awoke early and went for a walk own Oberoi road to the beach and did a loop back to the house. I then showered, already feeling the days heat building and took a quick breakfast at Cafe Moka.

I was expecting a call on the my mobile from Sean in Eugene at 8.30 and I recieved it at 7.30. My phone was set to quiet and with the traffic outside I couldnt hear him. We agreed to call back at 7.45 and I zipped over to the house.




Made and Katut arrived at about 8.30 and got to work. Katut is a good worker and does not mess about, she cleans the bathroom, does the floors and makes the beds.

Made has been very spotty in his attendence but when he comes he works. I was thinking about replacing him and I’ll wait a while to see how I feel. Showing up in an Argentina shirt didn’t do his chances any good.