Noises in the night

The other night I was sleeping in my new bed when I was jolted awake by what sounded like someome stumbling on our path in the garden. Laying there in the darkness I realised all my windows were open and that my head was about a foot and a half from the open window closest to me. What was this noise outside? I heard a crack like someone slowly stepping on a twig outside, then some rustling. A minute later this was followed by another loud tap on the path. I was thinking of the stories Mark had told us about people jumping over the fence to rob you. Surely these guys aren’t that brazen that they’re going to come the second evening we’re here.

Noises continued. I tried to control my breathing and forced myself to stay awake. I must of laid there over an hour waiting for this person to try and make an entry into the house. Finally, after various rustling sounds I concluded no one could be this stupid and it must be some kind of animal.

In the morning we noticed some coconut type fruit on the path that had probably fallen from trees, accounting for the loud noises.




I sleep easier tonight…..but still keep my knife handy.