Nasi goreng: A Bali staple

Almost every restaurant you go to in Bali has nasi goreng on the menu. Nasi is rice and goreng is fried. Nasi goreng is made by using steamed white rice and a mixture of items in a frying pan / wok. You usually get a choice of vegetables, chicken, seafood.

I find that sometimes nasi goreng can be a bit greasy and try not to eat it if more attractive choices are there. The good thing about nasi goreng is that the Balinese know how to cook it. They may not know how to make a pizza or a curry, but they know how to cook nasi goreng. In Kuta you can get a nasi goreng in a warung for as little as 6,000rp. One of the best places is Bamboo Corner on Poppies Lane I, another is Good Luck on Jl. Benesari. This is around 20,000rp but tends to be better prepared. Whatever one you choose it tend to be filling and good value. For someone intending to spend an extended time in Bali on a low budget nasi goreng is part of the puzzle.

The typical nasi goreng will have rice, small amounts of water spinach, chicken, sometime shrimp and a fried egg slapped on top. You can also get nasi goreng bunkus (to go) from a street vendor, who we sometimes refer to as the Salmonella cart.