Mystery woman

Yesterday we were in Global Net's cyber cafe (I'm here now typing) and we (Sean especially) noticed an attractive, exotic looking Lady at one of the terminals. She was probably late 20’s, blonde, deeply tanned and wore an orange shirt and elegant white top. I picked her as a Euro and after we finished online we saw her again downstairs making a call.

Leaving the place we discussed how she ranked with the other ladies we’ve seen here and Sean said this one was close to top. Hey hey, we’re getting excited.

Anyway today were back at GN and who’s here?……that’s right. There was a selection of places to sit so I sat in an empty section and Sean sat next to her. I saw him exchanging words with her and he later told me he thinks she’s Brasilian. Nothing wrong with that at all!




He didn’t get her name but maybe we’ll see her again.

On the way home we saw some local road construction. Makes me realize how lucky I am to be born in a first world country. It’s a hard way to make a living.