More photos from Ubud

Some of the photos linked on this page may not be there anymore, but be sure to check out our new Bali photos page for a huge collection.

In our haste to get back to work this week we left out some photos from Ubud. It’s a cool little town so here are the rest.

A flower growing in the garden of our guesthouse.

Nyoman is the owner of the guest house we stayed at and is also an artist. He spent 30 minutes chatting to us about Balinese culture and things like village life and real estate. Nyoman had been up for 24 hours already as he was performing ceremonies at the main temple. It’s so impressive here how often people give their time and money for ceremonies. Nyoman told us if we wanted to buy land he knew a local who needed money for a cremation and might sell. Land here gets measured in 10 meter square blocks from what I can gather. Nyoman said that the females of a family will stay living with their parents until married while the males will get a parcel of land next to the parents.

Our rent was 40,000rp ($4.50). Not bad for the 2 of us. We tried to haggle but gave in as we were tired. The room included breakfast of papaya, pineapple and coconut, followed by a banana crepe.. There was always a thermos of hot tea outside the room too.




Here’s our hostess delivering the breakfast.

Our place had a small temple on the site where I could see offerings.

Here’s a picture of Sean enjoying our Thai food in the bamboo shelter.

Gerry, owner of at a restaurant we went to.

Gerry’s house is in a complex in Ubud. Very local and quiet.

There’s even a temple in the complex. When you live locally you are expected to hire locals and support the local economy. I like this kind of attitude!