Monday evening

Monday evening after finishing up some stuff online Sean and I went out to Seminyak to Mick Turnbull's place, which seemed like a mini mansion. Mick is an engineer for Cathay Pacific and was letting us check out his satellite internet access. The advantage of this is a faster connection and the ability to work at home rather than internet cafes. It’s a little bit spendy, especially for us who are online for maybe 10 hours a day, but it might be part of our solution.

Mick’s girlfriend Jasmine was there looking lovely and we were pleasantly surprised to see Janice from Toronto, who had shown up for Sean’s birthday. Janice is heading home tomorrow and was savouring the last drop of humidity. She has spent 3 weeks in Bali and hit a couple of spas as well as beaches and Ubud. Hope she’ll visit us again in future.

Jasmine called us a blue cab and we sped back to Internet Outpost in time to meet up with Ryan from Colorado who we bumped into that afternoon at Internet Outpost. We agreed to meet for a beer and a chat later. Our choice of a place to eat fell to Captain Haddock. The walk over there took about 10 minutes along Poppies I and led us to the right angle in the road where Captain Haddock is located. Armadi was there in a tight little dress looking quite sexy. She greeted us and we sat inside. Sean and I ordered a gado-gado while Ryan sipped a Bintang.




Ryan is circling the globe in 2 months and seemed to have a pretty decent budget. Ryan spent time in the Philippines on a mission. He had also spent time in a Fijian resort and loved it, recommending the other islands to Viti Levu. Maybe I’ll get there sometime. Ryan seemed like a very nice guy who really tried to respect people and do the right thing.

We parted on the way back from CH’s and passing Taman Sari on Poppies II bumped into Putra, who was working the late shift. Actually in this economic climate many locals work the morning, afternoon and late shifts. Putra has a natural exuberance which is catchy. He’s always smiling and joking and is good natured. He told us some scary things about his experience during the bombing which we’ll write up in an interview at some point.