Michelle – She is Amped

and I like it – she is getting me amped as well. Normally, I post these notes from Travellers on the BootBlog – now that I am here in Bali – what the hell – I’ll post them here.

Hi Sean! I recently had an epiphany and realized that there’s so much more to life than my boring job and television, so I’ve decided (and incredibly effortlessly convinced my husband) to start crimping like monks so that, in 2 years, when he’s done with his 2nd Master’s degree and before he dives into the PhD (the boy loves academia), we can take a RTW trip! So, get used to seeing my address, because, unless you block sender on me, I’ll be asking tons of ?s over the next couple of years…..I just stumbled upon your site, which I absolutely LOVE! It’s incredibly packed with info and extremely organized, not to mention hilarious and intriguing, to say the least. Excellent job, gentlemen. I’ve been spending WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much time in front of the computer since I discovered it…

We’ve been chewing on an itinerary, and here’s what we’ve come up with: (oh, and just to give you a little background, we’ve only been to a handful of different places in the US, including Hawaii, and I’ve been to Honduras,
but that’s about it)

St. Louis to Ireland (boat to England…ferry across channel to France…Eurail all over Western Europe and to Spain-if this is possible)…fly from Spain to Egypt to Singapore to Indonesia to Auckland to Brisbane to St. Louis




1)Does this itinerary look do-able?
2)Would you advise that we find our own flight to NY (we’re planning on
packing up a truck and moving what stuff we haven’t sold to STL to store at
the folks’ house…we know STL isn’t a Major Major hub), or could we get a
decently priced ticket through you?
3)What’s a roundabout cost for this trip (airline tics only), and would you
happen to have a guess as to what it would be WITH the Eurail pass, and
possible ground travel around Australia (we’d like to do Sydney, Melbourne,
Ayers Rock, and Cairns and don’t know about ground transportation
there…it’s an immense country, so would it make more sense to fly place to
4)Do you have a general estimate as to what this entire (year-long) trip
would cost us, considering we’d be camping/staying in hostels, and do NOT
have expensive taste (a.k.a., how much money should we try to save,
including fares for air and ground transport?)
5)Do you know of any system where people open up their homes to other
travelers in exchange for their guests returning the favor for them if they
are to visit the US?
6)Is your itinerary set in stone once you buy tics? For example, if we
planned on flying out of Spain, and then decided NOT to go there, how hard
would it be to change flights while we’re on our trip?
7)We’re planning on departing in July or August, but should we postpone a
little to avoid summer traffic and possibly higher fares? We just DON’T
want to be in Europe in the winter, but DO want to be in Australia in the
summer (scuba diving the reef 😉
7)Would you recommend lugging around a laptop (with INternet access) and/or
an int’l cell phone or is it pretty easy/inexpensive to hook up while in
other countries?

Any other advice for rookies? (I have read ALL of the profiles of people
who’ve taken RTW trips
and most of the advice, articles, myths, etc…but
I’m still pretty apprehensive, like, there’s no WAY we can do this!!!
Convince me i”m WRONG!!)

I appreciate your time…

Michelle & Matt Litton
Long Beach, CA