Lunch with Pete

After signing for the deposit on our new place Sean and I came back downtown and hit e-mail on Internet Outpost. We met Pete again who had an evening flight out to Brisbane. He’s one of these guys who has friends all over the place and will hook up with a friend in QLD. He told us he was thinking of going though Mexico or Venezuela on his way back to Britain. Then planned to check out the alternative living communities in Portugal. I have my own ‘alternative living situation’ in Portugal figured out. I’d park my bivvy sack next to a vineyard in the Dauro valley ( Port capitol ) and take a bus to the coast for fresh fish.

Pete & Sean

We visited a small warung along the street where we live and smapled what they had on offer. I had a version of ‘champers’ ( nasi campur ), Sean had nasi goreng vegetarian and Pete had some kind of chicken thing.




It was very cool to meet Pete and we look forward to him visiting us in future.