Local photos – Kuta Beach and Poppies Lane

NOTE: Some of the links on this page may not be working, but we have a new Bali photos page with a huge collection for you to check out instead.

Here is a selection of photos from today.

This is the internet cafe I spent a few hours at.

This little fellow lives on the wall of the cyber cafe

The new room I’m in at Ronta Bungalows

On my way to check in with Made I passed along Kuta Beach Rd and took some snaps for you folks at home. No I didn’t go swimming or sunbathing, too much other stuff to do.

Kuta Beach 1

Kuta Beach 2




Kuta Beach 3

Kuta Beach 4

Kuta Beach 5

Kuta Beach 6

I soon reached the hotel where Made works and stopped by to arrange for him to take me to see houses for rent.

Nick & Made

The place I moved to, Ronta Bungalows is on qa side street from Poppies lane 2, which is a busy tourist alley. Here’s a sample of photos from Poppies.

Poppies Lane 1

Poppies Lane 2

Poppies Lane 3

Poppies Lane 4

Poppies Lane 5

Exciting to think Sean will be walking these streets very soon.