Local cultural differences in Bali

Since arriving in Bali we've heard from expats how the locals living in Bali relate to each other and other Indonesians. It's interesting as I can't really tell the difference between someone from Java and someone from Bali. In the workplace Bahasa Indonesia ( the national language that I’m learning ) is spoken. At home and in the village, Balinese is spoken.

The Balinese and Javanese have some hard feelings against each other and many people think of the government as Java. Gerry Williams told us that the water system over here is chlorinated water that is piped in houses, but many locals prefer water that is pumped from the ground as it is ‘Bali water’ ….not tampered with by the government.

We heard also that the village culture of religious observance and attention to one’s family doesn’t necessarily make for career minded people. Some people suggest that Javanese are more motivated and make better employees. Here in Internet Outpost, Ika is the only Balinese employee.




Some of the richest people in Bali are Chinese Indonesians who own businesses.

I find most people friendly and try to have good interactions with anyone I run into. Interesting to fing out about the local dynamics though.