Legian this morning

Arriving at Internet Outpost today, made a post and tried to deal with some e-mail but the connection was very slow so I took off to the bank to get some money out of our safety deposit box. The queue was fairly long but fortunately you don’t have to line up for the vault, just to make transactions.

Out of the bank I visited a money changer close by and headed down Jalan Legian back to Internet Outpost. Along the way I took the opportunity to snap some of the people going about their daily routines. This garbage collector had very old age looking collection equipment. I passed a group of guys who were engrossed in their chess game, which is very popular all over Indonesia, in fact at the top of our street I watched a group of guys playing late last night.

I stepped carefully over many offerings that are placed outside shops and houses each morning.

I felt like a coffee but didn’t want to waste time. Forgive me I did the thing I promised myself I wouldn’t….I went to McDonalds. The one in Legian is quite big with an air conditioned interior as well as shady outside. I ordered my coffee only to find out they didn’t have any, another first.

I thought this statue was a weird piece of cultural melding.




Sean and I had passed a sign outside a German restaurant many times that reminded me of Saddam Hussein. Strange to have him advertising a good time.

I went back to I/O and later met my freind Putu for lunch as Taman Sari close by. This girl only wants to eat nasi goreng! Doesn’t matter what’s on the menu. Sean, the lady at the next table ordered some kind of vegetable kebab that looked fabulous.

Putu and I went back to Internet Outpost so I could set her up with a Yahoo account and get on with some stuff. That’s almost a joke…me setting someone’s mail up!

Looking forward to getting together with BootsnAll member Sima tommorrow.