Language lesson

I had arranged a language lesson with my friend Putu for 4pm and showed up a Ryoshi restaurant where she works a little early with my kids notebook (it had a picture of a dinosaur with the words ‘illegal alien’).

Putu and I were trying to figure out a more suitable place to go and got into grammer and pronounciation (hope she’s not relying on spelling tips, Ant and Chris are the only ones in our office who can spell).

Here’s a sample of the terms I learned.

Apa kabar how are you
Siapa namamu what is your name?
Nama saya Nick my name is Nick
Daremana asalmu where are you from?
Sari daya England I am from England
Demana itu where is?
Permisi Excuse me
Saya Bisa I can




I’ll practice these on any willing local. Seems pretty easy.

The phone rang and Putu told me she had to leave. Her nephew was taken to hospital and a family member needed the scooter she was using. She apologised several times and we planned another lesson for Wednesday.

This was okay actually. It give me a chance to learn these few terms.

Sumpai jumpa lagi