La Gazette de Bali

Expats living in Bali have numerous broadsheets and periodicals available to them. One of my favourites is the Bali Advertiser among others but my all time favourite is Bog Bog.

One of the newspapers available that is aimed at the French community living in Bali is La Gazette de Bali which I am assuming is the Bali Gazette - I was never good at French in school!. The paper features events and happenings on the island as well as profiles of their expats. Last week the paper celebrated their first anniversary.

This newspaper is also highly active in rasing funds for numerous worthy causes and here is an article about La Gazette de Bali that appeared in the Jakarta Post:

'La Gazette de Bali' turns 1

Despite the dark clouds and light rain sweeping Kuta about 200 people, mostly from the French community in Bali, attended the 1st anniversary celebration of La Gazette de Bali at Harris Resort Kuta on last week. La Gazette de Bali has featured many happenings and profiles of expatriates in Bali.




The celebration of its 1st anniversary was also marked with a collection for Yogya's earthquake victims totaling Rp 6,273,000.

La Gazette also donated the proceeds from a charity concert at Central Parkir (Istana Kuta Galeria) on June 30 to Bhakti Kencana school for disabled orphans in Berbah.

The newspaper also raised funds for Yayasan ANAK, based in Ubud, France, Spain and Switzerland. The foundation is sponsoring kids in Karangasem through the sale of 2005-2006 special editions of La Gazette . So far Rp 4,100,000 has been collected. Forty-one have been sold and another 59 are expected to be sold on Bastille Day in July, the next event of the French community.

As a token of appreciation to their clients La Gazette presented Chaud Devant! 2006 awards to Kafe Warisan, Caf Moka, La Trattoria, Kharma and a special prize to Mozaic.