Kuta to Seminyak to Kuta

I finished a bunch of e-mails today and went down to the bomb site to get more details for the map I’m making. This will be a part of the interviews I’m doing and will give people an idea of what went on where. The tricky thing is that some buildings are bombed out and completely closed up with no staff on the premises, others are new shops opened since the bombings whose staff weren’t there that night in October. Still managed to get a lot of interesting commentary though.

I had some stuff to do at home on the computer so I shot back to Seminyak to find our power is out. It’s just no fun sitting around as the sun goes down in darkness, just me and the mosquitoes, so I changed my clothes and came back to Kuta. On the way down Jalan Legian I was trying to spot the place that sells gasoline. It’s like a little grocery type place with a rack of glass bottles outside. I couldn’t let my attention wander too much or I’d pay for it and actually did not find the gas place. Ate an apple pie at Taman Sari and am waiting for 10pm to meet Jason. There’s some do at the Hard Rock Cafe and I haven’t been before.

I brought the motorbike so will be on lemon juice.