Kuta Sweats Sex

Ever seen that movie ‘The Beach‘ staring Leonardo di Caprio? I love that first part of the movie, where he is exploring the Bangkok, steamy hot, wild and wonderful. The Kuta area in Bali is the closest thing to that kind of scene, with bamboo shacks like Warung 96 and Espresso Bar, together with Bounty, providing a traveler’s ghetto to escape into.

Leonardo Chen’s blog has an article by Denise Dowling, entitled ‘Kuta Sweats Sex‘, which talks about the scene in the eyes of a newcomer. It focuses on the western lady / local man scenario, which often gets blown out of proportion.




Seems to me Bali offers many people the chance of a different scene, a break from their normal responsibilities. We are so stressed out in the west, its not surprising romance with a stranger often happens.