Keeping in touch here in Kuta Bali

Tuesday here in Bali is the day I get my weekly call from Eugene Oregon and hear more closely what the boys at BootsnAll are up to.

Sean is getting over his flu like symptoms after flying home through Taiwan and Ant is getting himself all psyched for a his Europe tour this summer.

My friend Yumi sms’d me today and said her whole family have the dreaded conjunctivitis…I told her not to touch anybody. Hope they get over it quickly. Can’t wait to be introduced as ‘the guy who gave us all the red eye’.

Aussie Paul who provided the sufing info the other day is working on some cool articles which we’ll be introducing in the near future. I showed him a few BootsnAll articles and we had a good chuckle at Craig Guillot’s ‘Guts & Glory: Angola Prison Rodeo’




Also showed him Bill’s article on getting shot in El Salvador ( Biting the Bullet ).

Bill is here in Bali and he’s fully recovered we’re glad to say.

My assistant Ika had a fender bender yesterday on her bike when a kid ran in front of her and also feels run down so didn’t want to help me conduct interviews today. I see her often enough so we’ll get into that some other time.