Jimbaron with Jason

Tonight Sean and I took a trip down to Jimbaron, the home of Ebong on the beach. Ebong wasn't there as he’s recovering from a motorcycle accident in Kerobokan.

We were waiting for Jason to show up in a taxi and he finally arrived around 6pm. Sean and I were starving, all I’d eaten all day was a bread basket at Cafe Moka. I’d heard all about the great time Jimbaron is, sitting on the beach eating huge chunks of fish and wanted to check it out.

The vibes were good in the taxi even though we hadn’t been drinking and it was cool being able to relax and not to have to worry about the traffic for once.

Arriving at the beach we parked and Jason told the driver to wait for us, I guess its a problem getting a taxi driver to drive to Seminyak late at night so it was a good idea to tip our guy a bit a have him wait.

We immediately entered a small street with grills one side and a fish market on the other. Locals were hanging around in a relaxed mood and Jason and Sean got on with business of choosing fish and agreeing a price. Jason knows this one guy and got a pretty good deal. Business is definitely down but there were a fair amount of Japanese and Indonesian tourists. We ended up buying a whole snapper, squid and tiger prawns. There were places to sit under cover but we’re into nature and went for the full experience.




Sitting on the beach we ordered a couple of big Bintangs and waited for the food to arrive. Jason had agreed to an interview and started filling us in on the ‘real’ him. He’s a complex guy with interests in the environmental field as well as jewelry design, surfing and travel. Sean was doing the interviewing and asked probing questions while Jason was a wealth of information on subjects like the upcoming war (he believes that not thinking Saddam Hussein is evil might make positive energy) and hates it when tourists try to bargain down a lowly local trying to earn a living. Indonesia has developed a culture of ‘bargain or lose’ and if you don’t bargain you’ll get taken, but I can see his point about those who try too hard.

Jason was kind enough to critique my motorcycle riding. He gave me the tip that I should pay more attention to what is happening at the side of the road as I almost rode past him near our house. Here in Bali there are a ton of things going on and paying attention to potential obstacles is important, including dogs, kids, bicycles, potholes, motorcycles coming out of blind alleys etc.

The food arrived and was it good! We got rice, potatoes, salad, roasted garlic, bowls of other spicy condiments along with the stuff we ordered. Sean and I were ravenous dogs and tore into it. Jason took his time having been here before and commented how fast we were eating. I think our bill, which included 5 large beers, cost around 50,000rp each.

As it was getting dark we watched the sun go down (actually, I glanced at it for about 2 seconds while ramming food down my throat) and our waiter brought a little table lantern. This place would be perfect for a couple to relax at. Us guys, talking loudly, drinking etc maybe weren’t taking as much advantage of our environemt as we could of. I did like the warm temperatures and cool breezes though.

Jason was eagerly pointing out attractive customers and waitresses and we finally ate some melon before heading back to Seminyak.

I’d definitely come back, maybe with a chick!