Japanese lunch

Saturday in Bali. We walked to the Taman Sari restaurant for our usual bargain basement breakfast ( serapan pagi ), you know the routine by now I’m sure, but today was a bit different. Sean ordered scrambled eggs instead of hard boiled. I was concerned, in a third world country this could cause all kinds of havoc….establishing a pattern then breaking it goes against every mode of work in this part of the world.

The eggs arrived and they were indeed scrambled. Katut, a younger girl was our waitress this morning.

We arrived at Internet Outpost as it was opening and plugged away for a few hours.

Sean suggested lunch at Ryoshi’s in Legian. It’s on the way to our bank so not too far.




Sean had a sushi plate which looked pretty good and I had a soup-like dish with fish and rice. I scooped up most of Sean’s wasabi and poured some soy sauce over it…..just the ticket! I think my lunch was around $2.80.

It wasn’t all raw fish and teriyaki, we actually did something useful. We’d used this time to itemize our week’s progress and go through our to-do list for next week. Getting a house frees us up to start on our BaliBlog activities, pretty cool. One hurdle we have to get over is a driving licence to get a scooter. The 2 ways you can go is having a western licence with an international licence, or get a Balinese licence in Denpasar. Only thing is you can’t get a local licence without ‘kitas’ ( special visa ) which I’ll have in several weeks. Hopefully we can find a ‘solution’.

On the way back we bumped into Ebong who was waiting for a friend on Poppies. Maybe see him tonight.

Now back at IO.