Jakarta: A tourist’s impression

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. I have been through Jakarta at night on a local bus and flown in and out of the airport. Both views of the city reminded me of Los Angeles, big, a ton of traffic and brown smog. A French expat once told me you can’t get sunburnt in Jakarta, there is too much pollution in the air.

Rercent visitors to Jakarta, Amyn & Yaz didn’t find the cosmopolitan city they were hoping, instead for, instead an assortment of office buildings. An Aussie friend of mine of mine who live in Jakarta liked it, the highlights being good golf courses, access to places like Bogor is the highlands, 10,000 islands, great nightlife and of course plenty of lovely ladies.

If you have the cash Jakarta can be a fun place. For many locals, its not that way, but Ika has told me Jakarta can be cheap, as there are so many people selling food and daily necessities. If you go a block or 2 off of the main roads, you can picks up local snacks for next to nothing.




World traveler Erik shares some of his Jakarta adventures with us.