It's the weekend

The weekend has arrived and I spent a couple of hours writing a blog entry, editing photos and remembering which devices of mine need charging. It was very nice to sit outside in the open area and enjoy the morning.

I took a shower and was gettin’ my stuff ready to leave when I discovered the water wasn’t on for some reason. Okay, might as well call Made from Bali Land. I did and he was ’round in about 3 minutes to fix it. That’s the advantage of our location. I discovered where the water pump is. It serves 3 houses and is located in the house next door to us. Made went in and got it going again. I asked what the problem was and he said ‘insects’. I guess they like the damp, cool environment next to the pump and breed like crazy.

I really needed to do a batch of laundry and getting my stuff ready I noticed my beige BootsnAll shirt was now a paint board of colors. A fungus had spread all over it and I hope it comes out. Also started to grow on my leather belt and the pouch for my knife. This humid climate means bacteria and fungi will multiply rapidly. I’d like to hear tips from the locals on how to prevent this. My sleeping down bag was never properly dry from the time I washed it in England and I’m thinking the inside must be a petri dish of tropical microbes.

I wanted to use a different laundry than the local one Sean uses so we can compare, prices, quality, speed etc. I’m picking my stuff up at 5pm today, we’ll see.




Currently at Global Extreme cyber cafe in Kerobokan (those Bali coffee’s are nice and big here) and the speed had been very good so far. Only thing with this place is it’s a real Euro hang out and I feel like I smoke half a pack of cigarettes along with them.

Am working on stuff right now and might go to I / O later.