It's the rainy season

Last night had one almighty downpour which continued into the morning. As I awoke I was wondering how flooded the streets would be, the planning in this part of the world a bit sketchy. Looking outside my door the rain was coming straight down.

Rain 1

Rain 2

Donning my trusty rainjacket I headed off to a place for some food before hitting the cybercafe to tackle my e-mail list. It was quite interesting to see how the locals adapted to the wet conditions.




Locals 1

Locals 2

Locals 3

I spent a good 5 hours online and then hit the local warung for a plate of seafood nasi goreng ( $1.10 ). By now the rain had stopped, most of the water drained and the sun threatening an appearance. To be honest I was glad the sun wasn’t strong today. I’m a whitey and have seen quite a few sun backed Europeans since I’ve been here. I’ve got no interest in joining them. I had to change some money today and my friend Ika at the cyber cafe told me the best place was in the Mata Hari shopping mall which was about a mile away. I need some exercise so I strolled down and enjoyed the sights and sounds of this interesting island. For me the climate is not too oppressive. I find I only really notice any discomfort when in enclosed places ( traditional Balinese house have plenty of airflow….smart! ). Arriving at the money changer I was told “Sorry no money, I’m waiting for my friend.” Came back a while later and cashed in some greenies.