International clash

This evening I witnessed a funny event. Sitting in Internet Outpost with my back to the door I hear this very large voice ask “I HAVE A QUESTION, CAN I PLUG MY NOTEBOOK INTO YOUR NETWORK?” This voice belonged to a large man, about 40 years old who was from N.America. For the next 20 minutes he’s climbing on and under the desks trying to figure out how to do this. During this process the whole power supply for the network goes down and everyone had to leave (I got my 2 hours for free!).

I moved down the street to another internet cafe and got back to work. After 15 minutes who walks in? You guessed it. He sits next to me and after logging in hollers at me “SO HOW’S OPEN SOURCE E-MAIL?” I explained I was using a different system than he was talking about and he told me he was travelling in Asia while doing some work. He loved Japan, “THEIR INTERNET ACCESS IS UNBELIEVABLE”, and told me I’d probably get bored living in Bali, “IT’S OKAY FOR A FEW WEEKS BUT THERE’S NOT MUCH CULTURAL STUFF GOING ON”.

My neighbor then gave me his do’s & don’t’s list for Bali, actually everyone in the internet cafe got it and after 5 minutes the guy to his left asks him, “you from America?” . He said he was and the new guy (Swedish) says “9-11…best thing that ever happened.” Owwwww!!!!! This was the start of their little verbal skirmish. There really was no middle ground here. The Swede started dragging up all this historical stuff about Indian’s land, the American guy responding with ‘WHO CARES, WE’RE THERE NOW.” The Swede, outraged, lifts his shirt to show a huge tattoo of Sitting Bull or some famous indian. Obviously this fellow was packing some issues and wanted to unload and found a very large target.

Topics brushed over were :




Amercan history
Who first occupied Sweden
Military superiority

Very entertaining stuff. I left after 20 minutes and wished them the best.