Indonesia to sell clove flavoured Marlboro cigarettes

Indonesia is to start selling clove flavoured Marlboro cigarettes. The largest local cigarette producer, Sampoerna is connected to Marlboro and the new cigarettes will go on sale starting July 9th.

Cloves are one of the spices that first drew Europeans to the ‘Spice Islands’ (the Mulukus in eastern Indonesia) back in the 14th Century. Other spices include mace and nutmeg, for which the only source were Arab traders, eager to protect the identity of their source. Kreteks (clove cigarettes) smell a bit like incense, rather than the toxic waste that normal cigarette emit. They are however still bad for you.

Industry analysts say Indonesians want a local taste with an international brand. Still cigarettes are cheap over here at 9,000rp per pack of 20 for Marlboro Lights. I know expats who smoke continually all day, loving the cheap prices.




Marlboro clove cigarettes are something you might pick up for a smoker friend as an oleh oleh (gift) from Bali.