Houses, Malaria, Expats

What a day it was – (last “-” – chris said I am using too many) hot, and I mean hot. I am sweating my *uts off. This Chicago boy doesn’t know jack all about this tropical weather. I’ll refrain from complaining since a lot of you folks are in winter mode.

Houses – looked at 4 today as Nick mentioned earlier. We will look at more in the expat area tomorrow.

Malaria – Jason Lopez (mentioned in earlier posts by Nick, we met up with him tonight for a few) told us about the rising number of Malaria cases in Bali the past year. I really did not know about this. I know it was possible, but not a concern So Nick and I ran out after to buy some mosquito nets and will take extra precautions. (Ma, don’t worry, it’s curable if I get it)(Travelers, don’t panic. We’ll keep you updated and find out more)




Expats: Jason is an expat and so is his friend Mark who also met us out for a few. I was asking them both questions and they were both very willing to dispense advice. Nick and I were listening intently. What can we learn? What mistakes can we avoid. I reckon we picked up more than a few good tips.

Tommorrow is Birthday #2. Peace.