Hot tips from the Indonesia Handbook: part1

Travel writer Bill Dalton has a ton of handy tips for visitors to Indonesia, all summed up in his unique style. His tips have been amassed by personal adventure and I find some of them hilarious. Here is a selection of tips under the title 'Getting along.'

Hygiene: Westerners often take a shower once daily; Indonesians bathe at least twice daily (early in the morning or after school or work). If males need to urinate in populated places, just squat down in a ditch with knees spread to give you cover. In Indonesia, people don't blow their nose in front of others, but sniffing is okay. Westerners clean house once or twice a week; Indonesians clean the house everyday. Indonesians usually wash their clothes everyday and thus do not bring many clothes with them when they travel.

So picking your nose in a ditch is cool, but never sneeze in front of someone, especially if you haven't showered much lately.




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