Highlights of a Bali Monday

Global Extreme on Jl. Kerobokan has updated their internet access, or so I was told by web guru Lorne (who I met in Woodstock bar a couple of times). So this morning I came and checked it out. The service seems pretty good and the coffee cups are as large as ever. If only we could get those Euros (I’m a Euro too) from smoking it would be wonderful.

Stayed for an hour and then shot down Jl. Legian to our bank box. I discovered a staircase at the bank that accesses the parking garage directly, cutting valuable seconds off my waiting time.

Having retrieved some money in US$ I crossed the street and changed them at a money changer.

Internet Outpost was my next stop after swinging by Captain Haddocks. I am trying to locate Miss Armadi but she is AWOL at the moment, probably at some religious festival or something.

I hacked away at my e-mail and got it down to nothing then had a nasi goreng at Taman Sari. Our friends Putra and Putu were working and were in good spirits.




Back to I/O for more online activities then in late afternoon I hit Pub Bagus at the end of Poppies II, close to Jl. Legian. This place has recently re-opened and features pirated movies most of the day on tv. I wanted to check out the vibe and see if I could do an interview with a tourist. I sat at the bar with an older couple from Canada who were in Bali for their furniture business. On tv was a Robert DeNiro / Eddie Murphy flick, it was something of a remake of a movie called ‘The Hard Way’ starring Michael J Fox and James Woods and made me laugh. People were into the movie and it seemed inappropriate to go after interviews at that time. I watched for about 45 minutes, shared some comments then checked out a couple of bars along Jl. Legian hoping to get to chat to some tourists.

I sat in two bars for about an hour or so. They were pretty empty and were likely to fill up later so I went down an alley that lead to Poppies I. I came across a Mexican restaurant that served an excellent beef tostada…..no kidding, I’d be happy if the ones in Eugene were that good!

I walked around Poppies I for a while checking out places I have not visited yet and went back to I/O. I picked up my bag, strapped on the plastic (easy Chris, that’s the helmet) and went home.

Arriving at the house I was surprised to find the power was not working. Knowing where the circuit breakers are located I checked them out with my flashlight. The guy from the electric company had been ’round and wired shut the ‘ON’ switch. More later.