Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta Bali

Working in the Internet Outpost I got to make a trip over to the Hard Rock Cafe on Jalan Pantai Kuta, the beach road. The event was a pre-Valentine’s Day concert by Black Heart, a local punk band. Jason was inside and I agreed to meet after finishing some work at I/O. There was a line outside of about 60 people and it took about 20 minutes to get in. They were scanning everyone with a metal detector. The price of admission was 50,000rp ($5.60 ) but I got my lemon squash for free.

Once inside I was offered a free pack of cigarettes at the desk (another perk in Indonesia, I guess). I refused 3 times before they stopped offering.

The scene inside was a local trendy / Asian tourist thing, with plenty of black clothing, face make up and cool hairdos. Before the show there was a male / female fashion show that was correographed by Getri, the lady who originally invited me to the Balinese festival.

I met up with Jason and we chatted with a friend of his who is the best surfer in Bali apparently. Jason was eager to point out his choice of the models, they all looked good to me.




Once the band started I lost track of Jason and so moved closer to the stage to get a better look at the 3 guys playing on stage. They had a western drummer who rocked, a local lead guitarist / singer and another local guy on bass. All could play their instruments and the crowd was clearly pumped, plenty of slam dancing going on at the front.

I grabbed another lemon juice, still couldn’t see Jason but concentrated on the music. I like a bit of punk but after an hour or so of “my girlfreind is pregnant, my girlfriend is pregnant” hollered out of tune, it gets a bit old. Maybe it’s me that’s getting a bit old. Probably. I was wondering how the locals relate to this punk /trendy scene. They are basically living in a third world country trying to scrape a living then carrying on like westerners at night.

The inside of the Hard Rock has a fair amount of room and it’s cool that they have live music. I tip my hat to anywhere that promotes live music. The cigarette smoke was getting to me and I text messaged Jason who I still hadn’t seen all show. I got no response so walked along to the Circle K on Pantai to ride home.

I found out today that Jason was thrown out during the third song while slam dancing.