Global Extreme, Jalan Kerobokan, Bali

It was a cloudy night last night and I arrived at the house at 3.30pm in time for Made from Bali Land to come over and fix the electrical situation. He came at 4pm and told me we could cut the cable that the electrician had placed on the master switch. I eagerly savaged it with my Swiss Army knife with Made looking on. Now I can get my appliances fully charged again and do more in the evening than come home late and get into bed.

After Made left it looked as if it was going to pour, the skies becoming dark with clouds and the temperature dropping several degrees. I dozed off for about 20 minutes on the couch and it was lovely as the swirling wind chased away the mozzies.

I later strolled down Jalan Legian about 100 meters to a local food place and ordered nasi campur. Don’t really know why I went there I wasn’t really hungry. The owner looked on in an attentive manner as I was eating. I didn’t really want it all but tried to look as if I was enjoying it. The price was about 8,000rp (90 cents).

I went home and organised some of the articles I’ve done and typed up some of the interviews.

In bed I was glad to have the fan. I put it on medium and it makes such a difference to the temperature. I use a mosquito net over my bed and leave the windows open. Outside it can be mosquito city at certain times of the day. I always burn a coil and that helps to clear the room. I’d like to experiment with going without a net for a while and seeing how bad it is. Right now I have a mozzie who is sharing my net with me. I’ve seen him but can’t catch him. So every morning before I get up he has his breakfast, usually from my arm and when I come home he’s waiting for the red nectar dinner.




Laying in bed I heard all kinds of noises and at first thought there were people in the garden (we have a surrounding wall so I was thinking whoever it was was serious). Turns out that small coconuts dropping from the trees make a clacking sound like someone’s heel and local cats make a rustling in the bushes. I have a bamboo ceiling and the geckos scoot around periodically creating rustlings inside the room. Add that to the wind, next door’s animals and the insect population and you have a whole panorama of noise. I still keep my hunting knife handy.

This morning the skies had cleared and I took a quick shower before jumping on the bike and heading a mile down the road to Global Extreme (love their coffee). The waitresses here are very nice people and I always give them a tip. The price to surf here is 6,000rp per hour.

It’s a beautiful day and I’d like get some work done and run a few errands before it rains later.

Was thinking about asking Putu to come over and talk Bahasa to me but don’t know if I have the time.