Gimme juice!

Last night's sleep was not a good as usual due to the fact that we had no power and my fan wasn’t on. I awoke this morning a little damp, still I could sleep.

I’ll explain this power thing. Saturday morning a guy shows up and asks to look at the meter. I show it to him and he gives me a bill. I didn’t have any money handy and asked him to come back on Monday, 9am. Monday comes, he doesn’t, so I go about my daily business.

I noticed that the bill stated it was for January and February. We moved in on Feb 2nd so this was clearly out of order. I needed to speak to him again before any money changed hands.

I guess their way of communicating to me is to come round, open the door to our place and staple shut the power button. I toyed with the idea of putting my wire cutters to use (Swiss Army knife) but realise being a foreigner I’m opening myself up to all kinds of consequences (fraud, theft etc.).




I took the bill to Bali Land & Houses and Made #42 politely said he would take care of it by 5pm. I’ll contact him beforehand to see what the progress is.

Back here at Global, I’m enjoying the service.

It’s overcast today and I’m dressed up in black waterproof pants with my jacket handy. Brought the camera and will snap away a bit later on.