Getting the tour with Gerry Williams

Today Gerry Williams owner of picked us up at Interent Outpost in his rented Suzuki Samurai and took us on a little tour.

Having eaten at hundreds of warungs and restaurants in Bali Gerry knows his stuff and is very opinionated. He will walk out of a place if the service is not good enough and often invites Indonesian friends to join him when researching a restaurant. Pretty smart as between them they can cover several dishes.

First on the list was a trip to Bali Advertiser, the local classified newspaper that is popular with expats. We met Chris from Wisconsin, the editor.

Gerry drove us down Oberoi road in Seminyak past a few trendy cafes and restaurants. We ate at Mykonos cafe, a Greek styled place. Sean and I shared a starter of Tzadziki sauce, hummus and pita and we all had the same main course of grilled snapper, potoatoes, vegetable cooked in butter and salsa. Our main course was less than $3….I think I’m coming back. The food was in fact excellent.

We then drove past some of the beachside hotels and checked out some of the trendier beach scene. My buddy Jason lives out in Canggu ( Changgu ) and Gerry drove us out there past paddy fields and traditional activities. We came to the most unique place. Out there in isolated Canggu was a wonderful hotel, rather low key that was owned by a guy who collected Chinese art. Walking in we were greeted by a hostess who called us Mr Nick and Mr Sean. The whole place felt super tranquil and had a feel of somewhere that had been around for ages.




Walking inside the foyer area was more like a temple than a hotel. Large curtains hung down and there were pillows and seats. The lighting was very low and I was thinking ‘man if only I could bring my kung fu instructor Sifu Clarke here.’

Chinese statues and artwork were all over the place, there was incence buring and classical Chinese music in the background ( ‘Grasshopper time for you to leave ).

One item that we really liked was the banquet room with the enormous table. I’d love to have a BootsnAll members dinner here, or even a Thanksgiving with Mary, Dave, Chris, Jen and Ant. The place wreaked of atmosphere.

Gerry told us they advertise a dinner for 2 ( each at opposite ends of the table ) as the most romantic date you’ll ever go on. Each person has their own waiter and you send notes back and forth. Personally after several glasses of Chianti I couldn’t care less who is at the other end of the table, just leave the bottle at my end.

Gerry then drove us to the capitol Denpasar where we visited a department store called Ramayana ( Polo shirts for $4 ). I’ll be coming back.

Thanks Gerry. Your info was well appreciated.