Getting our t-shirts and cards

The last 24 hours have been exciting as I have picked up our new t-shirts and business cards.

Our friend Armadi from Captain Haddocks introduced us to her uncle who has a factory in Denpasar. We had 100 white Baliblog shirts made and they turned out very well. I gave the staff at Internet Outpost one each and its was interesting to see the staff choosing their sizes. Ika chose a medium which I have yet her see wear, Mansur the young guy from Sumatra chose a medium which he now tells me is too small.

I visited Taman Sari restaurant on Poppies II and gave our friends one each as they hae been waiting a long time. Can’t wait to see Putra in one.




I stopped at Indograph, the printers in downtown Kuta and saw our friend Opi who is ‘Jane on the spot’ with the business cards. I’m using a locker upstairs in Internet Outpost to store all this stuff and will be using it on a daily basis so this works out well.

While working today I looked out the window and saw this guy fixing something to a roof. I was very glad to see him return to street level safely.