Friday's activities in Seminyak

Feeling resonably fresh this morning after hitting Hard Rock last night I had several small things to take care of today. First off I had to call Bali Land & Houses to come and check the electrical system as my messing with the breaker wasn’t working.

Made came over shortly after I called and showed me another set of breakers to play with should the power go out again. Next up, retrieve a couple of Sean and my shirts from a local laundry. I zoomed further down Oberoi road near where we live and picked them up. Washing clothes here gives them a bit of a beating. The super humid environment means fungus grows on clothes and my shoes for instance were a petri dish when I pulled them out of my bag. I asked one of the girls at I/O what they do and they said Bayclin (bleach). I can tell the laundry had tossed in some bleach as my shorts are a lighter color. Would be a shame if you had really nice clothes.

On the way back to our house I stopped quicky to get a bread basket (can’t shake the grip of bagels after all these years) and a coffee. The place on Oberoi road was nice but twice the price of Moko Cafe on Jl. Seminyak. Still good to check a new place out though. I read a couple of pages of Time magazine’s article on the profile of the Bali bombers. They were well organised and came from Java. Makes me mad seeing them laughing on camera. Obviously a couple of indoctrinated idiots without much of an opinion about life.

A couple of days ago one of them was at the site of the Sari Club surrounded by about 50 police trying to re-enact the bombing.

Next thing was to jam back to the house and get some graphic design stuff done for Chris back in Eugene. I went back and forth and made a couple more designs for a project we have. I copied them onto a floppy and headed downtown. I must admit I’m enjoying the motorcycle and how it allows me to be mobile. Having handled it for a couple of weeks now on the same streets I am able to relax a bit more. I’m actually using a different part of my brain. When an action becomes known it is controlled by a chunk of greymatter further back in the head, when it’s new (ie: learning) it’s nearer the front and takes more juice to run. Riding a bicycle takes millions of tiny calculations but you can do it almost unconsciously after a while.




While at a red light the other day some locals commented that my front tire was a bit low. I wanted to get gas, the tire inflated and a left mirror fitted. After some driving around I found all 3 and headed to Matahari department store. I need a pair of long pants that are light weight. I have convertible pants that are ripped, another pair where the top is a different color than the bottom and a pair of shorts.

Matahari has some cheap stuff and other not so cheap stuff. For me the important thing is a good fit and comfort, I’m not into wearing thick denim or cotton in 90f. I tried on several pairs and none fit. I headed to place on Jl. Legian and found a pair of navy blue pants that are comfortable and actually fit. Will test them at the cocktail do with Hendra tonight.

Back at Internet Outpost my cleared out Inbox (I had it down to 2 yesterday) was back up to 65 today. The good thing is 9 of them are new applications for BootsnAll membership.

Hope to get to meet cool people later.