Friday night

After looking for houses and working online I took a taxi out to Bali Land & Housing up on Jalan Raya Kerobokan, up the top end of Jalan Legian. Takes about 15 minutes to get there and costs about $2.

Jason was waiting and as soon as I arrived we took off to his place in Canggu. Rush hour is something that happens all over the world and 5pm Friday is a hotspot. We hit a traffic jam and I witnessed some very creative manouvering by Jason and others to get through this. Basically all the motorcycles / scooters zoom and weave past the cars on both sides. Sometimes we were sandwiched between trucks and a car travelling in our direction and had to squirm through. Anyway as soon as we passed the bottleneck the motorcycles turned into a pack of mosquitoes, whining and whirring down the twisting country lanes. I was hanging on, hoping no dogs would suddenly decide to cross the road.

The road to Canggu goes through some idyllic countryside, rice terraces both sides and rich green colors, steamy grey clouds overhead. Jason’s place is about 5 minutes walk from the beach and is a great little pad. I didn’t bring my camera as I knew we were going out with new people and I didn’t want to be poking the thing in their face. Susan you’d love this place, I’ll get pictures next time. He’s got a 2 room place with little kitchen and a large bathroon, veranda, hammock, little bar area outside and an incredible garden. It is overflowing with colorful plants and bushes and has 3 little circular shelters where 4 people can sit. There’s also a pond with fish. I asked how much this place rents for and he said around $270 a month.

Jason showed me a postcard I had sent him years ago, probably about 1998. It was an old photo of a Hawaiian surfer from 1890 and Jason had it laminated. On the back I had written that I was getting in multimedia and was excited about it. Doesn’t time fly?

We downed a couple of large Bintangs then went to dinner with some friends at a place in Seminyak called Made’s warung. This is a total expat hangout and a bit upscale. I had a traditional rice dish called Nasi Campur ( mixed rice ) and it was awesome. Separate piles of rice, chicken, fish, pork, sausage, and vegetables…very elegantly done. This cost 40,000rp ($4.50) and would of cost maybe 10,000 in a local place, but not to the standard of Made’s.




Jason got us some Arak Madurs, a local liquor type of margarita. Arak is pretty nasty stuff and I was glad it was heavily disguised.

We had about 5 other people with us including a Canadian lady on vacation and an Aussie guy who works for Cathy Pacific as an aircraft maintainance engineer. He gave me a great tip on internet access which I will investigate today.

Our final place was the Woodstock bar owned by a German couple. This was another expat joint and I stayed about an hour. I definitely get the feeling there are some people who have been out here a bit too long. Although there are more people moving to Bali a lot of the expats know each other.

I got a taxi from outside the Circle K in Seminyak and was home in 15 minutes. A very fun night.