Friday morning

Friday morning here in Kuta. The sun is out but the temperature is not oppressive. I had arranged to meet Made #1 at 9am today and waited for 30 minutes. He didn’t come so while waiting I talked to Noman, one of the workers at Ronta Bungalows. Noman is 45 but looks around 50. He has worked at the guset house since 1976 because as he explained, he didn’t have enough schooling to get a better job. Yesterday I went with him to look at a place 4km out of Kuta which is up for rent and will go back today around 4pm as it was shut.

My friend Getri called me to say the house she had told me about was more expensive than she had first thought, but will keep looking.




I’m quite busy right now and we agreed that instead of me spending all day at a festival in the village today I’ll go there on the 22nd for a bigger festival. She told me that my friend Jason had been calling her……no suprise there, once he heard I had gotten to know her.

I will contact more companies today and checkout more places to rent.