First night in our Seminyak house

Sunday night was our first night in the new house. I took the bottom bedroom with a fan, Sean got the upstairs roon with A/C and fan. We put our mosquito nets up over the queen sized beds and they actually fit okay. I tied string to the 4 anchor points and used 3 bolts that were already in place on the walls plus a 4th through a fold in the ceiling bamboo matting.

My room has a few windows and after I opened them and put the fan on the room was perfectly cool. I used my indian lungi ( sheet ) and was glad to have it by morning as the temperature has dropped quite a bit.

We got a early morning wake up call from the rooster owned by one of our neighbors who is Balinese. I went back to sleep afterwards but for a short time the creature was on snooze…sounding every minute.




Our plumbing has some things needing adjusting but aside from that the place is good. Our brick path inside the perimter wall has a thin layer of green moss which gets slippery when wet. I want to get rid of this either by asking the gardener or by my own solution.