Feel the power

Last night getting home quite late from Internet Outpost I found that we still didn't have power at the house, but didn't make a big deal about it anyway.

This morning I was ready to leave and Made from Bali Land came around to apologise for the misunderstanding. The last tenant did not pay his electric bill and the company was thinking it was us. As I was standing outside chatting to Made, the two of us were getting eaten by mosquitoes and I had a few nice bites to brighten my ride downtown. Anyway, I’m meeting them at the house today at 4pm to turn the power back on.

Moving to Bali has been great for many reasons but one I especially like is the communication with BootsnAll members who say they will be coming through. I’m looking forward to meeting up with a ton of people.

I just came back from a lunch stop at a place opposite Warung 96. This place has a giant stone pizza oven at the entrance. The streets were still semi waterlogged from a downpour yesterday and as I ordered my fish and melon juice I could see dark clouds overhead. Before the food had arrived it had already started raining and before long I and other guests were moving closer to the interior to escape splashes.




As I write, a young lady from Sweden is filling out an interview form for me. I’ve seen groups of Swedes around lately. Ika from Internet Outpost dreams of a tall Swede, maybe we’ll direct them in here.

One of the funny things about Bali is the international mixture of people and how there are fewer restrictions on what’s allowable. An example of this might be the messages on t-shirts on sale and the music that gets played in restaurants and internet cafes. Right now there’s rap music playing with an assortment of bad language and nobody seems conscious of it.

I’ll have to jet home soon after this posting.