Exploring the ‘pirate infested’ Spice Islands

The Spice Islands of eastern Indonesia, conjure up images of galleons, emerald green jungle islands, amid turquoise seas. Australian comedienne, Pamela Stevenson, journied to Banda, with a gunboat full of bodyguards, to discover the truth about her great, great, grandfather, Salty Sam.

Pamela tells her story of journeying to Banda, a few hours from Ambon, and meeting with Des Alwi, the old scalliwag who runs Banda. Stories bound about this guy! Pamela recalls waking up and seeing Banda for the first time, thinking it was quite possibly the most beautiful place she had ever seen.




Maluku Divers runs trips to Banda, so you can enjoy the tranquil beauty that Pamela raved about. This partof Indonesia and the western edge of Papua, is known to be the epicenter of marine species for the planet.